Conditions Treated

As a family medicine physician, Dr. Reardon treats a variety of conditions. Some common ones include: Allergies, Anxiety, ADHD, Auto-immune conditions, Depression, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Irritable Bowel, Pain, Management, Fatigue, Arthritis, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss, Integrative Cancer, Smoking Cessation, Digestion/Gastrointestinal, Thyroid/Adrenal, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement.

Individual Attention

Dr. Julie Reardon offers consultations and direct primary care services. She will serve as your advocate and help you navigate the medical system and any other specialists or therapies you’re employing.

She does not take call on evenings and weekends, nor does she ever have any other practitioner on call or seeing her patients. She does answer messages daily, as well as provide support by email and by phone during regular business hours. Her approach is very personable and easy to access.


Dr. Reardon accepts all major credit cards, as well as cash and checks. She also accepts Health Savings Account (HSA) debit cards. Monthly flat fee wellness plans and packages are also available. Lake Travis Integrative Medicine does not accept any kind of insurance or work with Medicare.

Cancellation policy

All cancelations require a 24 hour notice. Full visit charges will apply for notice given less than 24 hours before the assigned appointment time.


Dr. Reardon works directly for her patients and not for insurance companies. For this reason, she does not accept insurance in lieu of payment for her services. Our country’s current insurance model prevents her from offering the in-depth integrative consultations that she believes are best for achieving optimal health results. It’s what she’s known for.

Even though Dr. Reardon doesn’t accept insurance, she is happy to provide you with the appropriate documentation and properly coded forms for you to submit to your insurance company if you have out of network coverage which applies.

Most patients with out-of-network benefits, who satisfy their deductible, are reimbursed. Her practice is also quite ideal for those with high deductibles or Medical Savings Plans (MSA) or Health Savings Plan (HSA), as she offers discounted labs and supplements through special vendor relationships.

Dr. Reardon encourage her patients to keep catastrophic major medical coverage, and offers an innovative primary care consulting model “membership” in lieu of insurance for day to day visits. Patients who wish to have long term, consistent access to her via a flat bi-annual or annual fee are invited to learn more about this option on the first visit.

Although we do not accept or bill insurance, our staff is often called on to assist with reimbursement questions or claim administration for patients who use insurance for out of network care or labs. More information on that service and the fee for it can be found on the Services page.

Additional Costs/Lab Testing

Lake Travis Integrative Medicine is one of only a few non-insurance integrative medical practices that works hard to use your insurance coverage to cover labs, where possible. All lab fees are additional and in some cases can be billed to your insurance company. If you’d like to bill lab costs to your insurance company, you are responsible for getting information from them about what lab companies to use and what is or is not covered. You may also want to check that they cover labs ordered by an out of network provider.

For patients who do not wish to use insurance for labs, many routine lab tests are offered at a deeply discounted rate when billed through our account with the labs we work with. Often patients with high deductibles may choose the cash price, as it is often much less out of pocket than the insurance charge.

Dr. Reardon also offers other laboratory testing that may or may not be covered or reimbursable by your insurance company. They include genetic testing, nutritional testing, microbiome “gut” testing, specific hormone/endocrine testing, immune testing and more.


Dr. Reardon has seen the power of the right quality supplements for some of her patients; however, she recognizes that it’s often overwhelming to stand in the store supplement aisle faced with so many choices.

For this reason she offers some of the more commonly recommended and important supplements to her patients in-office, as well as via online ordering. She DOES NOT promote her own line of supplements, nor does she align herself with one particular supplier over another.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase supplements from Lake Travis Integrative Medicine or it’s partners. Our focus is on helping you find the tools that you need to feel better.

Prescription Refills

Please call your pharmacy to refill all prescriptions. If you have no more refills left your pharmacy will contact our office.

Getting Started

Interested in becoming a patient? Please learn more on the New Patient page or call the office to make an appointment now to get started.